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Inclusive practice support group

The ‘inclusive practice' support group is designed to assist and support colleagues in their endeavours to design an inclusive curriculum, adopt inclusive pedagogical practices and any activity designed to contribute to an ‘inclusive' St Andrews (list is not exhaustive).

The group will:
* Provide a dedicated space for discussion about resources (academic literature, tool kits, online resources) which pertain to inclusive pedagogy and/or practice, to help staff up skill, enhance, and refine inclusive pedagogical approaches.
* Provide a space for staff (cross-disciplinary) to communicate and collaborate.
* Provide a safe place for staff to ‘trouble-shoot' issues collectively.
All staff (both professional service staff and academics) are welcome to join and contribute to the support group.

The support group will be held on a reoccurring basis (every six weeks). The first support group will be held on the 29th October, 14.30pm-16.00pm.

The first support group will take the proposed format:
* Welcome and introduction
* Discussing the pre-circulated resources/literature – resource for first support group
* Trouble shooting any issues/concerns or talking points raised by the group — attendees will be invited to raise topics or issues they wish to discuss or get support with, for collective brainstorming.

The pre-circulated resources will pertain to a range of themes, including but not restricted to:
* Inclusive assessment practices e.g. introducing choice
* Inclusive theory
* Accessibility
* Diversity and representation
* Inclusive language
* Pedagogical styles and approaches e.g. flipped classrooms

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