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High performance computing An information session for potential users

Research that uses computing can sometimes outgrow a standard laptop or PC. This may be down to lack of memory, disk space or speed when running computations. At the University, any researcher can request access to the High Performance Computing facilities, subject to funding or School contributions.

High Performance Computing (HPC) is an area in computer science that allows researchers to optimise software applications and hardware. This is made possible by running a parallel version on an HPC cluster (group of computers). At the University, we named our HPC cluster ‘Kennedy', after Bishop James Kennedy, the founder of St Salvator's College.

Some of the software available to install on Kennedy include MATLAB, MPB, Quantum Espresso and Gaussian, but other packages can be installed on request. Find more examples, as well as how to request access, on the High Performance Computing website.

Potential users are invited to this virtual meeting with the system administrator, a FAS representative, and a senior member of the HPC board.

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