Past event

Good Till the Close

A collaboration between the Centre for Energy Ethics and the Centre for Poetic Innovation, Good Till The Close is a ‘fortune-telling', poem-generating game with inbuilt obsolescence; a durational group performance with poetic intentions. The event has been designed in response to the themes of the CEE 2023 conference, ‘Financing the Future', with a focus on exploring ‘visions of and expectations for the future', ‘relations of obligation and indebtedness', and addressing the question ‘When should we prioritise investing in the distant future rather than focussing on the present?'
The workshop's organisation draws from links between oil and financial forecasting, and other future-telling practices — in this case, tarot cards. It invites participants to play with ideas of currency, present action and future speculation, what is known and unknown, hope and desire set alongside material, process and mechanism, scales of time and effect.

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