Past event

Figuring the Enemy Socio-Scientific and Political Theological Approaches to Religious Enmity

The University of St Andrews and Trinity College of the University of Divinity (Australia) are pleased to host a workshop symposium exploring interdisciplinary approaches to religious enmity: ancient and modern. The project is seeking 300-word abstract submissions for to this open call for papers that approach the problem of religious enmity from either socio-scientific or political-theological disciplinary coordinates or integrate interdisciplinary approaches. Draft papers of ~3000 words will be pre-distributed and summarised in 10-15 minutes for discussion and engagement, ahead of developing these papers for later publication. Papers should address at least one of these questions:
What are the socio-scientific origins of inter-group enmity and/or religious polemic?
What are the political engagements with religious enmity?
What are the social-group or political frameworks of religious enmity?
Ideally papers will be situated as to stimulate further interdisciplinary engagement, and foster collaboration and networking. Submissions welcomed to [email protected] and will close on 15th of March 2023. Acceptance will be communicated on a rolling basis.

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