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Enterprise Week [Tech] Building a tech company: products, customers and validation with Jasper Platz with the Entrepreneurship Centre - Free

Join us for Day 1 of Enterprise Week: our tech day.

We're delighted to be joined by serial tech entrepreneur, Jasper Platz. Jasper is a serial entrepreneur who has founded three companies across a range of industries from greentech to B2B software. Jasper earned an MA in Economics from University of St Andrews and an MBA from Chicago Booth.

Jasper will be discussing what it's like building a tech company including product development, identifying customer pain points, validating those problems, tech market size and how to establish yourelf in the market. Jasper will also share his experience of raising finance – particularly for tech companies – and more generally, the process and hpw tp establish the right time to do so.

Join us in Sandy's Bar in the Student Union for a refreshment and to get involved in the conversation.

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