Past event

English Research Seminar -- Dr Ve-Yin Tee The Environment of Labouring-Class Writing

The School of English will be hosting Dr. Ve-Yin Tee for a discussion and launch of his recent edited volume, Romantic Environmental Sensibility: Nature, Class and Empire (Edinburgh University Press, 2022), which applies a global, class-based lens to the history of environmental destruction and thought in the Romantic period.

In this conversation, Ve-Yin will touch upon the inequalities that hampered labouring-class poets as well as the scholars who have studied them since. He will explore some of the different modes of seeing that labouring-class poets provide — on the environment, work and community. Finally, he will consider what working with labouring-class poets reveals about the responsibilities and obligations we bear as scholars to people of the past.

Ve-Yin's talk will be responded to by scholars working on related topics at St. Andrews: Richard Irvine, Senior Lecturer and Director of Teaching in Social Anthropology; Adam Bridgen, Fleeman Research Fellow in the School of English; and Sam Hickford, a PhD researcher on John Clare, former journalist, and poet.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact the organiser, Adam Bridgen, at [email protected].