Past event

E@St (Engineering @ St Andrews) Monthly Coffee and Chat

E@St (Engineering at St Andrews) is a new initiative to put the ‘E' back into STEM at St Andrews.

Engineering underpins much of our research and teaching, but how much do we each know about what goes on either in our own department, or in other parts of the University when it comes to making things work?

Please join us for our monthly informal get togethers over a morning cup of tea, coffee or whatever you need for a break. These aren't seminars, they are a way for everyone to learn about the wonderful and varied fields of engineering right here at St Andrews and for us to find expertise, collaborators and equipment.

This month, Henry Rae and Professor Alistair Borthwick (University of Edinburgh) will kick off discussions.

Henry will demonstrate some of what he does in the School of Medicine and Alistair will provide insight into what makes a good engineering department based on his years of experience in different institutions.