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Energy Cafe: Ontario to Galicia -- historic petroleum in Canada & Poland Free

Petroleum has changed the world, but in contrast to other branches of the energy sector, like mining and hydropower, it tends not to create durable, recognisable heritage on the ground. There are, however, historic petroleum-producing places in the world where there are significant and authentic physical remains. Of these, perhaps the most important can be found in Canada and Poland. This presentation will discuss the challenges presented by petroleum heritage, and the potential for the historic sites in Ontario and Galicia to be showcased on the world stage.

Dr Miles Oglethorpe is President of the International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage (TICCIH), and is also Head of Industrial Heritage at Historic Environment Scotland, the national body responsible for the built heritage in Scotland.

This event will be held in-person in the Irvine Lecture Theatre (IRV: 504) and streamed online. Pizza, coffee, tea and bites will be provided for in-person attendees, but in-person space is limited so register early.

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