Past event

Dio Chrysostom's 'Euboean Oration' A CAES (Centre for Ancient Environmental Studies) event

Written in the late first or early second century CE, Dio's Euboean Oration may be one of our best sources for both rural environmental practices and urban life in Imperial Greece.

A resurgence of interest in the text has occasioned this event, facilitated by Clara Bosak-Schroeder (UIUC), which will feature brief remarks by Janet Downie (UNC), Jason König (St Andrews) and Mark Usher (UVM) followed by a group discussion of the oration itself and Donald Hughes' 1996 article, ‘The Hunters of Euboea: Mountain Folk in the Classical Mediterranean' (which we will circulate in advance). Participants are asked to read both Hughes' article and the oration (in Greek or translation) before the event.

The event will be held online, as a Teams meeting with live captioning. For other access needs, please contact Clara Bosak-Schroeder on [email protected]. The Teams link will be circulated closer to the date. All are very welcome!

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