Past event

Deliverance £10

Produced by Vanishing Point and made by Brite Theater, based on a concept and text from Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir, and supported by Creative Scotland.

Hello. Have you looked in the mirror lately? Go on. Do it now. Look. Keep looking. Strike a pose. Look again. Who are you these days?

You ordered a performance, we're here to deliver. A set of instructions straight to your door. You're a natural performer, after all. You're performing all the time. We'll perform it with you at a safe distance. Don't worry, no one is looking. No one is looking but you. The buzzer is for you, the performance is by you, about you. We made it especially. A treat. We hope it sets you free.

Because Deliverance is a performance, delivered in an envelope to your house, you should choose the date and place that suits you best (visit the Byre web page for the full list of locations). If where you live isn't listed, you could try the postal version.

The accessible performance is a version which has been specially adapted for you, if you have a hearing impairment, or there's an audio recording of the text for you if you have a visual impairment. In both cases, there is an extra person behind the scenes to make sure that you get the best possible experience. We'll get in touch in advance to make sure that we have all the right details for you.

The Guardian -- "I went from computer-weary to radiant. At the end, I felt taller." ★★★★

The Stage -- "Every 'performance' of Deliverance will be different -- different protagonists, in different homes, listening to different songs, thinking different thoughts. But at its heart, it is an imaginative exercise in self-knowledge and self-love." ★★★★

The Scotsman -- "The format is superb and even transformative, a brilliant way of changing your perspective on yourself and the familiar spaces you inhabit for a couple of hours, or forever."

The Herald -- "…a role-playing meditation on the relationship between the public, private and secret self, and the performative nature of each."

How does it work?

The show is live and happens on the day that you book for, within a three-hour timeslot -- a more specific time will be emailed to you on the day. It takes about one and a half to two hours and should start as soon as you receive your delivery. In other words, your booking is a ticket for a specific show at a specific time. Please be ready to receive the delivery at the time your are given.

The show is made for you to enjoy in your home, by yourself -- please consider that you will want privacy and time to enjoy the show and inform other people in your household if necessary.

You need access to several things within your home, such as your bathroom and your wardrobe during the show. You will need your phone at one point (and that sweet spot that gets the signal).

We invite you to enjoy this event in comfort so you might want a beverage to hand and your reading glasses, just like when you go to the theatre.

The element of surprise is important to us so that we ask that you keep the details of your experience to yourself and the contents of your delivery are not to be sent on to another person. To do so is an infringement on copyright.

Because we need to get everything ready for your delivery, sales for evening performances will end at noon on the day, for afternoon performances at 3pm the day before the performance, and for postal performances sales will end at midday three days before. For postal performances. Please book at least three or four days before a performance, at noon.

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