Past event

Damascene Reformers: The ethical paradox of pursuing change under ideological regimes. By Dr. Omar Imady, CSS associate, independent author Chair Prof Raymond Hinnebusch

2022 saw the passing of two disparate yet similar Damascene Reformers: Muhammad Imady (June 2022) and Shaikha Munira al-Qubaisi (December 2022). Imady was the longest serving Minister of Economy in modern Syria. Shaikha Munira was the charismatic leader of the largest female religious Muslim movement in modern history. At first glance, these two figures appear to have little in common. But in actuality, they shared a fascinating and unique modus operandi and commitment to reform in the most hostile of settings. In the wake of the publication of his recent book, An Inside Story of Modern Syria: The Unauthorised Biography of a Damascene Reformer, Omar Imady explores the pressing conundrum of the pursuit of reform under ideological regimes.

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