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Cultures of Care: Transforming the Film Industry (15+) Sands: International Film Festival of St Andrews 2023 - FREE but please book

There are hosts of behind-the-scenes roles in the film industry designed to enhance inclusion, equality, and sustainability. Intimacy Coordinators, working with cast and crew to ensure consent and wellbeing in the choreographing of sex and intimacy; Sustainability Coordinators, supporting the environmental sustainability goals of a production; and Access Coordinators determining what a production needs to meet everyone's requirements.

In this panel, chaired by Dr Leshu Torchin, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, and featuring Ita O'Brien, a British movement director and intimacy co-ordinator for film, TV and theatre, and Sara Johnson who has worked in British TV drama production for 20 years, for NBC, BBC and, was the Head of Development for La Plante Productions and Head of Drama & Comedy for Sky One, we hear from the people holding those jobs, learning more about the specifics of what their work entails and how it is transforming the industry.

Running time: 1h

Ages: 15+

This event is at Parliament Hall, 66 South St, St Andrews KY16 9QW

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