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Climate Hack.AI Universities leading in AI from across the US, the UK and Canada working against climate change

Climate Hack.AI is a collaborative initiative between the student communities of 25 universities leading in CS and AI from across the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada to take a lead in the fight against climate change.

Participants have two months to apply cutting-edge machine learning techniques in order to develop the best satellite imagery prediction algorithm for use in solar photovolatic output forecasting.

The winning entry has the chance to be deployed by the UK National Grid Electricity System Operator to minimise the use of standby gas turbines, potentially resulting in carbon emission savings of up to 100 kilotonnes a year.

Climate Hack.AI is a two-month-long datathon based on climate-related data provided by our partner, OpenClimateFix.

Competitors are challenged to develop the best machine learning models trained on this data. Submissions are evaluated against an unseen test dataset on our own custom competition platform, DOXA.

By improving on the state of the art in nowcasting satellite imagery, the winning model could be deployed by the National Grid electricity system operator in the UK to produce significantly more accurate solar photovoltaic output forecasts.

This would allow them to minimise the use of standby gas turbines, potentially leading to a substantial reduction in carbon emissions.

Participants must be attending one of the co-hosting universities as an undergraduate, masters or PhD student at the time of the competition.

Submissions in the first round are individual, however, we encourage collaboration between participants. It may be a competition, but everyone is working as a team to beat climate change.

The competition will conclude with an in-person final weekend for the top three competitors from each university.

There will be two simultaneous final events hosted in New York and London for finalists in North America and London, respectively. All transport, accommodation and carbon offsetting expenses will be paid for. The winning team will be selected and announced on the last day of the competition.

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