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Centre for Syrian Studies April Seminar Is Syria back to the Arab fold?

After more than ten years of isolation and suspension from the Arab League, the Syrian regime is now embraced by the Arab World as key Arab States such like United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia are restoring ties with the Assad regime. This normalization would have significant implications for the future of the conflict and might redraw the geopolitical map.

Chair Ola Rifai: Deputy Director for Outreach CSS

Speaker Dr Marwan J. Kabalan : Director of Political Studies at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) in Doha, Qatar. He is also Head of the Diplomatic Studies Program at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. Dr. Kabalan chairs the Gulf Studies Forum and is a Board Member of the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies. Previously, he served as Dean of the Faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Kalamoon in Damascus. He is the author of several books and essays on foreign policy and the Middle East International Relations.

Raymond Hinnebusch: Professor of International Relations and Middle East Politics and Director of the Centre for Syrian Studies
Mohamad al Ashmar: International Relations Ph.D. student at the University of St Andrews

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