Past event

Centre for Poetic Innovation --- "Multilingual Creative Writing as Hospitable Practice" Round table with Prof. Sara Greaves, Lou Sarabadzic, Dr Luc Dall'Armellina and Dr Elise Hugueny-Léger

Writing in a foreign language, a language which is not one's so-called ‘native' language, has become a widely disseminated practice. Through processes of mobility and migration, many authors have contributed to crafting and expressing what Steven G. Kellman coins the ‘translingual imagination'. How might multilingual creative writing operate as a hospitable space within which to explore plural identities? What role can writing workshops play in welcoming multilingual experience? This round table will bring together four creative writing scholars and practitioners with experience and expertise in plurilingual writing practices. They will reflect on multilingual writing as a way to generate innovative creative practices — whether it be through self-translation, collaborative writing, digital bilingual tools or plurilingual performances — and to create hospitable spaces, which acknowledge plurality — and therefore singularity.