Past event

Ceilidh in the Castle £8.50

Health guidelines for this event

  • Event is held outside

Castle Ceilidh returns with its headline event of the year for the first time since 2019. This event is in collaboration with On the Rocks and is open to anyone and everyone.

The Castle doors will open at 4pm with the ceilidh starting at 4.30pm and running until 7pm. A bagpipe-led procession to the pier will begin at 7pm.

Tickets are £8.50 and available from FIXR. You must show your ticket on a device to gain entry.

Due to the situation of the venue, and it being near cliffs, this is a dry event. If you turn up with alcohol or under the influence of alcohol we will turn you away at the door and you will not be refunded.

You do not have to pay extra to attend the piped procession after the ceilidh. Equally, you do not have to attend the procession if you don't want to.

If wet weather, we will move the ceilidh to a back up venue. Your ticket will be valid at the backup venue. If you come to the back up venue and we are at capacity, we will refund your ticket. If you do not attempt to come to the back up venue, then we will not issue a refund, as you may have been able to attend.

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