Past event

Canada's Ocean Acidification Community of Practice MASTS webinar with Kristina Barclay (Ocean Acidification Community of Practice, Canada) - Free

The MEOPAR Ocean Acidification Community of Practice (OA CoP) was formed in 2018, with the overarching goal of sharing OA knowledge and improving linkages between knowledge creators and end-users across Canada. The OA CoP is funded by MEOPAR (Canada's Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network) and is led by two Co-Leads, Dr. Helen Gurney-Smith (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) and Dr. Brent Else (University of Calgary), and a Coordinator, Dr. Kristina Barclay (University of Calgary, MEOPAR), with guidance from an interdisciplinary Steering Committee from across the country. OA CoP objectives include the development of: OA knowledge transfer and community engagement via accessible content, resources, and databases, and best-practices for OA data collection and sharing involving research groups, stake-holders, and community-based research. We will present some of our key activities to date, our new online resources and blog series, as well as updates on the development of future projects. Current and future activities are focused on increasing online content and resources to foster OA CoP awareness and engagement, the development of a low-cost OA sensor package to aid aquaculture operations and larger monitoring efforts, conducting regional vulnerability assessments, and participation in partner OA organizations, including the GOA-ON North American Hub, the OA Information Exchange, DFO-NOAA OA Working Groups, the OA Alliance, and MEOPAR