Past event

Cambridge Alumni Club -- Welcome Drinks

Whether you're new to Cambridge area or you've been here for years, please join us to raise a glass to our Alma Mater at our Welcome Drinks this October.

Please accept my warm invitation to any or all of our planned events. Do not worry if you do not know anyone else within the Club -- a warm welcome awaits.

For those of you who do not know me, my background is this. After reading Applied Maths at St Andrews, I spent a few years in the finance sector before turning back to my scientific roots and radar, specifically Ground Probing Radar in which I have spent most of my career. My favourite pastime is genealogy which I never get enough time for.

Many thanks to all of you who put forward excellent suggestions for outings and get-togethers. Christine, Gillian and I have put together what we hope will be a fun, interesting programme for this year. Please don't worry if your suggestion is not yet included. We had too many to use in a single year, so nothing has been discarded and there is a list ready for the future.

See you at our Drinks evening on 25 October 2019 at Brown's in Cambridge.

Erica Utsi
Chair, Cambridge Alumni Club