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Byre World: Kaili Blues - Free but please book

Join Dr Keru Cai for a screening of the 2015 film Kaili Blues, which brought international acclaim to the young Chinese filmmaker Bi Gan. Hailing from the province of Guizhou, where the film is set, Bi Gan is a member of the Miao ethnic minority and incorporates elements of Miao culture into the film.

Centring on a doctor who lives in the city of Kaili and moonlights as an amateur poet, the film follows the main character's journey to find his nephew. What results is a dream-like 41-minute long take, in which past, present and future are blurred.

The screening will be followed by a discussion between Dr Keru Cai (University of St Andrews) and a special guest, to illuminate aspects of Bi Gan's cinematography in portraying a small Chinese city and its inhabitants.

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