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Brown bag seminar for School of Management staff Shaping the Future Workforce: Graduate recruitment and the enactment of graduate employees

This lunchtime event is one in a series of brown bag research seminars for staff in the School of Management.

The series aims to provide opportunities to showcase ongoing research and offer a regular space for colleagues across the School to come together and open up research conversations across the thematic groups and research centres.

In this seminar, Olga Loza, who recently completed her PhD with the School, will present her research, ‘Shaping the Future Workforce: Graduate recruitment and the enactment of graduate employees'.

Introducing her work, Loza says: “The graduate labour market is a peculiar place, an antechamber to the future, as graduates are on the cusp of being the future workforce. Technologies of graduate recruitment therefore give shape to this future. But what shape?”

This talk will consider the recruitment practices that one multinational financial corporation --- the focus of Loza's year-long ethnographic study --- used to select suitable candidates for its technology graduate program. Loza found that the firm envisioned its graduate recruitment process as one of ‘discovery' in which the graduates' ‘authentic' selves were revealed. In contrast, she will argue that the graduates' selves were made in and through the specific technologies of recruitment to which they were subjected.

Her presentation will unravel the practices that the firm used with its candidates, including:
* a hackathon-like team exercise
* interviewing techniques
* marking sheets and ranking tables.
Through this unravelling, she aims to illuminate both how the future workforce is being shaped, and what shape it is given.

Further details about the seminar have been circulated to School of Management staff.