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Meet the Entrepreneur: Noemi Jouas, Founder, Noé Dresses

Enterprise Week 2020 welcomes Noemi Jouas, fourth year student and Founder of Noé Dresses. Noemi will tell the story of her journey as an entrepreneur.

“I'm Noemie Jouas and I am utterly in love with my sewing machine.”

Noemie Jouas is a fourth year single honours Management student at the University of St Andrews. In her second year, she founded Noé Dresses, a bespoke dressmaking business that she runs on her own. She works with clients one-one to create the perfect garment for each of her clients. She drafts the pattern and sews each garment individually.

Throughout her time at St Andrews, she has taken every opportunity to improve her sewing and designing skills by making costumes for Mermaids and Just So, attending fashion school during the summer, and designing collections for various fashion shows in St Andrews and outside.

This event is free and open to everyone – students, staff and the public.

The event will be run through Microsoft Teams. Please sign up to attend, and a link to join the session will be emailed to you one hour before the event starts.

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