Past event

Beiruit the aftermath -- Film screening followed by Q&A with Director Fadia Ahmad

A month after the August 4th blast, an artist returns to Beirut to help rebuild what she can of her
broken city. Retracing her usual itinerary of 10452 steps through the streets of Beirut, she seeks
to portray the aftermath of the explosion that shook Lebanon to its core. A journey that once
fulfilled the goal of self discovery now gives both Beirut and the blast's survivors a voice. Raw
testimonials and powerful scenes recount the day everything collapsed all while showing the
resilience of a people who doesn't want to give up. Individuals from all walks of life finally open
up after what seemed like a lifetime of silence. The artist's feet carry her through this journey, a
camera in hand, her heart on her sleeve. This story is one for the books, a chapter in history.