Past event

Art History Research Lecture: Dr Caroline Fowler Burial and Oblivion at Sea: The Rise of Dutch Maritime Visual Culture

Join the School of Art History for the third research lecture from Dr Caroline Fowler, Starr Director of the Research and Academic Program at the Clark and teaches in the Graduate Program in the History of Art at Williams College.

Dr Fowler will speak about her third book, Burial and Oblivion at Sea: The Rise of Dutch Maritime Visual Culture, which examines maritime space in Dutch painting as a site of erasure, arguing that the violence of the trans-Atlantic slave trade both was integral to and in turn excised from seventeenth-century Dutch painting and printmaking.

Her first book, Drawing and the Senses: An Early Modern History (Harvey Miller Series in Baroque Art, 2017), was a philosophical study of early-modern drawing pedagogy and its intersections with intellectual history.

Her second book, The Art of Paper: From the Holy Land to the Americas (Yale University Press, 2019) examined a global history of paper from the late-medieval period in Europe to Viceregal New Spain to consider how it transformed artistic practice, memory, and the archive.

Dr Fowler holds a PhD from Princeton University. She is also the host of the podcast In the Foreground: Conversations on Art & Writing.