Past event

Amerindian Voices: Online Exhibition Amerindian women share their experiences

All are welcome to the online launch of the Centre for Amerindian, Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CAS) exhibition, Amerindian Voices.

In this small exhibition, comprised of a few short films and a selection of photographs, three remarkable women share their experiences on their people's relations with the natural and non-human worlds, climate change, environmental destruction, indigenous land, and life on this stricken, Earth.

Each exhibitor has chosen a distinct medium with which to reflect upon these topics; each has a very different set of experiences to recount when they speak directly about the existential crises their people are facing.

The images speak of personal visions, experiences and understandings. Indeed, for outsiders it is impossible to fully grasp the layers of meaning they hold from an indigenous person's perspective but, nevertheless, seen in conjunction with each woman's words, we are left in no doubt as to the message that they wish to convey.

Curators: Luisa Elvira Belaunde & Cecilia McCallum