Past event

Amerindian Views on Global Warming Three Amerindian women leaders speak in the run up to COP26

In this panel, three indigenous Amerindian women – Glicéria Tupinambř, Francineia Fontes Baniwa and Olinda Silvano Shipibo-Konibo, who are leaders, activists, artists and much else – will reply to questions and debate issues related to COP 26.

They have pre-recorded their talks which are available to listen to online. Please listen to them before the event, during which they will participate directly from Brazil and Peru (translation provided).

Part of a series of online seminars organised by CAS (Centre for Amerindian, Latin American and Caribbean Studies) the event has been made possible through the support of the Department of Social Anthropology and the University's Impact Fund for the ‘Amplifying Amerindian Voices' Project, written by Professorial Fellow Cecilia McCallum and Professor Mark Harris.

It has also benefitted from the voluntary work of Latin American anthropologists Luisa Elvira Belaúnde in Peru and Ulla Macedo in Brazil, along with other volunteers. The event will be held jointly with the RAI (Royal Anthropological Institute), as a plenary session of their Anthropology and Conservation Conference.