Past event

Activism in the West Bank in times of war Adi Lifshitz

Through the first couple of days of the war, it became clear there was an immediate need for humanitarian support in the Palestinian community, both in the Negev and the West Bank, that the UN was struggling to answer. Adi Lifshitz works with organisations like Culture of Solidarity and Free Jerusalem, as well as independent activists working in the West Bank, in a humanitarian support centre set up to help these communities for the duration of the war. The centre provides food, medicine, and money for essentials to the communities that were relocated, lost income, or are under extreme curfew.

During the event, Adi will discuss how the war affects different areas in different ways (such as Gaza, the West Bank, Negev), the needs of the communities their group serves, the way they go about doing that work, and her experience doing this work as an Israeli woman.

Adi has also shared some resources that attendees could consult before the talk. She recommends these on the basis of trusting their data and because they publish in English as well as in Hebrew and Arabic:

  • BTselem – human rights organisation providing good coverage of what is happening in the West Bank in general and now.
  • Under cover of Gaza war, settlers working to fulfil state goal of Judaizing Area C – article explaining the situation right now in the West Bank through the story of one community Adi's group is working with
  • Gisha – human rights organisation devoted to helping Palestinians from Gaza.
  • Breaking The Silence – this group hasn't posted much in English since the war, but they give the perspective of soldiers who served in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem and “have taken it upon themselves to expose the public to the reality of everyday life in the Occupied Territories”
  • Mistaclim – an activist organisation aiming to end apartheid
  • Free Jerusalem – a female-led solidarity organisation, mostly active in East Jerusalem

Please email Alicia Husselin at the CPCS on [email protected] to confirm your attendance and to receive the Teams link for the session. Alicia and the CPCS hope the event can be an opportunity for learning and engagement with initiatives in attendees' local areas.