Past event

The Flipped Classroom

Interest is growing in ‘flipped classrooms' as students demand their education becomes more dynamic and engaging and as university administrators push academics to develop flexible learning on multiple platforms to accommodate for the changing environment of higher education. This workshop, which is available to all staff, presents the techniques that are essential for a creative and successful flipped classroom.

The fully interactive workshop will provide a hands-on opportunity for participants to develop skills in designing flipped classrooms and to share insights and experiences on the opportunities and challenges they pose for educators. The workshop will draw on an example of a highly effective flipped classroom design developed for an undergraduate business strategy course, which produced dramatic improvements in students' motivation to prepare and participate as well as significant increases in course and lecturer effectiveness ratings and student learning outcomes.

The workshop facilitators will demonstrate key learning activities and assessment tasks that formed the foundation of the flipped classroom design, including a highly interactive management team meeting format for analysing business case studies, in which students play different roles as they debate and develop strategic recommendations, and online simulations to promote experiential learning.

During the workshop, participants will gain insights into how they might adapt flipped classroom techniques to deepen student engagement and learning in their own courses and will be provided with a set of workshop hand-outs as resources to support them in this endeavour.

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:
– Recognise the key learning activities and assessment tasks that can form the foundation of a flipped classroom design
– Identify flipped classroom techniques that can be adapted to different learning environments
– Utilise skills in designing flipped classrooms

The event will open with lunch at 12.30pm and will be hosted by Professor Paul Hibbert and led by Professor April Wright and Dr Stuart Middleton.

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