Past event

6th NoRCEL CONFERENCE: Chemical Informational Universe

Is life nothing but a large network of chemical reactions and cycles, endlessly recycling itself with ever greater complexity? Surely something else is involved! Just as writing communicates knowledge through language so the human genome conveys information to those that can read it. Of course, this fact only raises more questions: are there other kinds of “information”, for example? What physical and chemical conditions are necessary, and can they exist on other planets? If life arose in specific environment, such as hydrothermal vents, how did it escape and populate the Earth? We therefore invite focused talks that try to elucidate these and other questions, all related to the origin of life.

NoRCEL, the Network of Researchers on the Chemical Evolution of Life, aims at fostering a global inspirational community of original creative thinkers cutting across disciplinary confines who are keen to engage in respectful discourse in order to explore new directions and to build collective endeavours.

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