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  1. Disc Golf
    Limited access

    Disc Golf

    If you don't know what disc golf is then think of golf with a frisbee! Come along and take part in this fun and informal coach led session where you will...

  2. Crazy Golf

    Crazy Golf

    Crazy Golf, brought to us by our friends at Blown Away, is coming to the University campus for three days only. This activity can be done alone or in a group of...

  3. Seminar


    The School of Psychology and Neuroscience is hosting a seminar by Dr David Watson of University of East Anglia Title: 'Reviewing the effectiveness of...

  4. Grief Group

    Grief Group

    The Grief Group is an opportunity to find common ground in order to feel less isolated and alone. The group is open to all students who are grieving, and this...

  5. Sunday Worship
    Limited access

    Sunday Worship

    Come join us for Sunday Worship in St Salvator's Chapel. This week's sermon, Here is the Fake News1 Er -- ?, will be preached by Honorary Church of...

  6. CREEM seminar

    CREEM seminar

    Dr Kasim Terzic (School of Computer Science, University of St andrews) will be talking about 'Matching spot patterns for animal re-ID'. This is an...

  7. The Peebles Hoard

    The Peebles Hoard

    A unique late Bronze Age horse harness hoard from Peebles

    In June of this year, a metal detectorist near Peebles uncovered one of the most significant Late Bronze Age hoards ever found in Scotland. Comprising fittings...

  8. Green Week 2020

    Green Week 2020

    New Beginnings: Climate Action for a Sustainable Future

    Green Week 2020 will be running from Monday 2 November until Sunday 8 November. The Students' Association Environment Subcommittee, the University's...

  9. Psycholoquia


    Presentations by Research Postgraduates in the School of Psychology & Neuroscience.

  10. Psychology Seminar

    Psychology Seminar

    The School of Psychology and Neuroscience is hosting a seminar by Dr Susannah Murphy from the University of Oxford on 'Using experimental models of...