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  1. Medieval History Seminar: Lalibela and its history

    Medieval History Seminar: Lalibela and its history

    'The site of Lalibela and its history from a local to a transnational perspective (10th-16th centuries)' will be presented by Marie-Laure Derat of...

  2. Locust: The Opera

    Locust: The Opera

    The Ghostly Tale of a Vanished Species - Free

    Anne Guzzo's one-hour chamber opera is presented by a group of American singers and Scottish musicians, including Music Centre Associate Teachers, to mark...

  3. Sunday Worship

    Sunday Worship

    Come join us for the University Service in St Salvator's Chapel. The sermon will be preached by visiting preacher, Head of Media and PR Christian Aid,...

  4. Simply Quiet

    Simply Quiet

    Simply Quiet -- in the middle of the week the Chaplaincy offers a time of stillness to pause, gather and reflect. All students and staff welcome -- come...

  5. Choral Evensong

    Choral Evensong

    A 45-minute service of prayer, both spoken and sung by St Salvator's Chapel Choir. This service will take place in person only. Important Information:...

  6. Mermaids 2021: Posh

    Mermaids 2021: Posh

    From £8.00

    A new adaptation of Laura Wade's infamous play, join the Riot Club and witness the depths of privilege and power of Oxford's most elite dining club....

  7. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    From £10.00

    Are you shivering with antici...pation for the Just So Society's Rocky Horror Picture Show? Well don't dream it, be it! Get ready for a night of...

  8. St andrews Opera Society: The Old Maid and the Thief

    St andrews Opera Society: The Old Maid and the Thief

    Pay what you can: £12, £10, £6

    A unique and modern opera presented in the form of Radio Broadcasts lends humour and excellent English Librettos makes Opera accessible for everyone. Our...

  9. Met Opera: Eurydice

    Met Opera: Eurydice

    From £10.00

    The ancient Greek myth of Orpheus, who attempts to harness the power of music to rescue his beloved Eurydice from the underworld, has inspired composers since...

  10. Lectura Dantis andreapolitana

    Lectura Dantis andreapolitana

    Join us in Parliament Hall on the 6th of November to celebrate the conclusion of our long standing lectura dantis and take part in the global celebrations of...