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  1. Philosophy of mind in Greek and Roman philosophy

    Philosophy of mind in Greek and Roman philosophy

    9am Jason Carter, LMU Munich, 'Dividing Soul from Body: Common and Proper Pathē in the Philebus and De Anima' 10am Hannah Laurens, St Andrews,...

  2. Eco-anxiety Café

    Eco-anxiety Café

    Free of charge

    This a thinking and feeling space where you can freely talk about your worries about climate change. Students, staff and community members are all welcome.

  3. All About Energy Podcast

    All About Energy Podcast

    Youth and Climate with Isabella Cuervo-Lorens and Georgina Steel

    Host James is joined by Dr Emilka Skrzypek (St Andrews) for a special youth-focused episode of the All About Energy podcast. Our hosts welcome two guests into...

  4. Dive In!

    Dive In!

    Protecting Our Oceans

    Dive In! explores the wonders of the ocean, the challenges it faces, and the actions that you can take to help save it.