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  1. Biology PGR/postdoc careers session

    Biology PGR/postdoc careers session

    Family, Science and compromises: what to expected in the job market

    This biology postgraduate career session will feature discussions around the challenges of finding a job in sciences while balancing a family life. The event...

  2. Evidence-Based Policy Symposium

    Evidence-Based Policy Symposium

    Global Challenges 'Sustainable Futures' Symposia Series

    The 'Evidence-Based Policy' symposium is coordinated by the St andrews Global Challenges Forum. The St andrews Global Challenges Forum was formed in...

  3. Climate, Energy, Environment and Sustainability

    Climate, Energy, Environment and Sustainability

    STACEES Image Exhibition

    STACEES has curated an image gallery to be exhibited in St Salvator's Quad from 17 September until 31 October. The exhibition will enhance visibility of the...