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  1. Commemoration of St Leonard

    Commemoration of St Leonard

    This service gives a chance for the postgraduate community of St Leonard's College to gather, hear music sung by St Leonard's Chapel Choir and...

  2. Postgraduate Walking Tour

    Postgraduate Walking Tour

    Join the Chaplain, Revd Dr Donald MacEwan, on a tour of the sacred places and churches around St Andrews. Followed by lunch in the Chaplaincy from 12:30 to 2pm....

  3. Freshers' Faith Fayre

    Freshers' Faith Fayre

    An opportunity for new and returning students (undergraduate and postgraduate) to meet representatives from faith societies and honorary chaplains and learn how...

  4. Collaborate and Celebrate

    Collaborate and Celebrate

    You are invited to this one-hour event with other PGs at Sandy's bar on Friday 12 August (updated) to collaborate on researching information about St...

  5. 6th NoRCEL CONFERENCE: Chemical Informational Universe

    6th NoRCEL CONFERENCE: Chemical Informational Universe

    Is life nothing but a large network of chemical reactions and cycles, endlessly recycling itself with ever greater complexity? Surely something else is...