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  1. Environmental protest art

    Environmental protest art


    Explore how to use art to campaign for greater protection for our ocean and the world around us. Booking is essential. Book via Art Tickets at the link below.

  2. Dive In!

    Dive In!

    Protecting Our Oceans

    Dive In! explores the wonders of the ocean, the challenges it faces, and the actions that you can take to help save it.

  3. Relaxed Drawing @ Wardlaw

    Relaxed Drawing @ Wardlaw


    Drop into the Wardlaw Museum to relax and draw. Find a place in the galleries and take inspiration from great artworks, capture the detail of an ancient...

  4. Rock pool guddling

    Rock pool guddling

    Free but booking required.

    Come along and find out what creatures live in the rockpools nearby! and find out about how climate change has and does effect their environment from a ranger....

  5. Upcycling Workshop

    Upcycling Workshop


    Giving something a new lease of life means that we're less likely to throw it away and contribute to the problems our environment faces. This workshop...