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  1. Energy Ethics 2021:  Energy Transitions & Planetary Futures

    Energy Ethics 2021: Energy Transitions & Planetary Futures

    Energy demand is growing, while urgent calls to reduce and mitigate the environmental impact of carbon emissions are intensifying. Transitioning our societies...

  2. Eco-anxiety Café

    Eco-anxiety Café

    The Eco-anxiety Cafés are designed to be a thinking and feeling space where you can freely talk about your worries about climate change. Students, staff and...

  3. Amerindian Views on Global Warming

    Amerindian Views on Global Warming

    Three Amerindian women leaders speak in the run up to COP26

    In this panel, three indigenous Amerindian women -- Glicéria Tupinambř, Francineia Fontes Baniwa and Olinda Silvano Shipibo-Konibo, who are leaders,...

  4. Power to the people
    Limited access

    Power to the people

    St andrews' journey to net-zero and the future of energy

    Have you heard about the University of St andrews' ambitious goal to be net zero by 2035? Join us to discover how we plan to achieve this essential...

  5. Rock pool guddling

    Rock pool guddling

    Free but booking required.

    Come along and find out what creatures live in the rockpools nearby! and find out about how climate change has and does effect their environment from a ranger....

  6. Locust: The Opera

    Locust: The Opera

    The Ghostly Tale of a Vanished Species - Free

    Anne Guzzo's one-hour chamber opera is presented by a group of American singers and Scottish musicians, including Music Centre Associate Teachers, to mark...