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  1. Intersections



    The 2024 edition of collaborations between researchers from the University of St Andrews and composer both from the Music Centre and the Royal Conservatoire of...

  2. Grief Group

    Grief Group

    Student lunch

    This group is open to all students who are grieving, whether your loss is recent or in the past. It offers an opportunity to find common ground with others if...

  3. Quiet Opening

    Quiet Opening

    Drop into the Wardlaw Museum for a Quiet Opening. Free from the hustle and bustle of a general visit, with adjusted operations, our Quiet Openings are designed...

  4. The Big Brass Concert

    The Big Brass Concert

    Brass players of the St Andrews Chamber Orchestra, Horn Society, Fermata Quartet, Music Centre Scholarship Brass Quintet, Music Centre Trumpet Consort - FREE

    The brass players of St Andrews with Bede Williams and John Wallace perform in ensembles of all sizes culminating in Henri Tomasi's Fanfares Liturgiques,...

  5. Climate Know How Training

    Climate Know How Training

    Series of 3 sessions providing knowledge and skills to help communicate climate action in work and at home.

    Fancy becoming a "Climate Know How" Facilitator to support people with climate anxiety and increase knowledge and action on climate change? Or,...

  6. Relaxed drawing @ Wardlaw

    Relaxed drawing @ Wardlaw

    Drop into the Wardlaw Museum to relax and draw. Find a place in the galleries and take inspiration from great artworks, capture the detail of an ancient...

  7. Sunday Worship

    Sunday Worship

    Come join us for the University Service in St Salvator's Chapel with St Salvator's Chapel Choir. The sermon will be preached by The Very Reverend...

  8. Disability in Higher Education

    Disability in Higher Education

    A Roundtable Event hosted by the Department of Social Anthropology

    Please join us for a roundtable event to discuss Disability in Higher Education

  9. Sands 24: Mami Wata (12A)

    Sands 24: Mami Wata (12A)

    Award-winning director C.J. 'Fiery' Obasi, imagines a fictional African village, not yet affected by the Western norms shaping the lands around...

  10. Book Launch -- Author Meets Critique

    Book Launch -- Author Meets Critique

    'Engineering Reality' with Cornelia Helmcke

    During this book launch event, author Cornelia Helmcke will meet critics Bibiana Duarte-Abadía (Wageningen University) and Christopher Schulz (University of St...

  11. Sensory Iranian Garden Experience
    Limited access

    Sensory Iranian Garden Experience


    In the mind of every Iranian person, there is a garden. Explore the St Andrews Botanic Garden through an artistic lens and let nature inspire you as you...

  12. Visualising Peace Photography Exhibition

    Visualising Peace Photography Exhibition

    The Visualising Peace Project has been collaborating with PRISMA Photography Magazine to host a competition and exhibition on the theme of Visualising Peace....

  13. Sands 24: Maestra (N/C 12A)

    Sands 24: Maestra (N/C 12A)

    Pay What You Can £10.00 / £8.00 / £6.00

    Five remarkable conductors from across the globe prepare for and compete in La Maestra --- the world's only competition for female conductors. Maggie...

  14. Women's History of Colonial Spaces in India

    Women's History of Colonial Spaces in India

    School of English and School of Art History Joint Research Seminar

    Join the School of English and the School of Art History for a joint Research Seminar on Women's History of Colonial Spaces in India with Dr Yashaswinini...

  15. Sands 24: Silent Roar (N/C 15)

    Sands 24: Silent Roar (N/C 15)

    Pay What You Can £10.00 / £8.00 / £6.00

    Meet Dondo, a teenage surfer on the Isle of Lewis, grappling with the unresolved grief of his father's mysterious disappearance at sea. As he navigates...

  16. Sands 24: Welcome to Collinwood (15)

    Sands 24: Welcome to Collinwood (15)

    Pay what you can: £20, £18, £16

    The Russo brothers' second feature, Welcome to Collinwood, produced by Steven Soderbergh, is packed with offbeat charm and infectious energy. A motley...

  17. Sands 24: Smoke Sauna Sisterhood

    Sands 24: Smoke Sauna Sisterhood

    Pay what you can: £10, £8, £6

    Anna Hints' atmospheric, almost mystical, feature-length documentary debut invites us to become part of a supportive, witty, sweaty female collective who...

  18. St Andrews Conference on Interdisciplinary Feminism

    St Andrews Conference on Interdisciplinary Feminism

    A free conference on themes related to 'liberation' by the Feminist Society

    The St Andrews Feminist Society's annual Conference on Interdisciplinary Feminism will include discussions on achieving liberation through the...

  19. Sands 24: Orlando, My Political Biography (15)

    Sands 24: Orlando, My Political Biography (15)

    Pay What You Can £10.00 / £8.00 / £6.00

    (Orlando, ma biographie politique) Deftly weaving fact and fiction, Orlando, My Political Biography uses Virginia Woolf's classic novel to explore gender...

  20. Interdisciplinary Encounters: Challenge-led Assessment

    Interdisciplinary Encounters: Challenge-led Assessment

    We're delighted to launch a new series of interdisciplinary events, Interdisciplinary Encounters. The first event is a lunchtime Teams roundtable on...