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  1. Board Game Café

    Board Game Café

    Test out your theory of mind in our board game café and play games that need you to read the minds of your friends and family to win. Pick one of ours to play...

  2. Death Cafe (June 2023)

    Death Cafe (June 2023)

    Free but please book

    Death Cafes take place at the Learning Loft, Wardlaw Museum, 7 The Scores, St Andrews KY16 9AR Held across the world, Death Cafés are a series of welcoming,...

  3. International Symposium on Hispanic Poetry

    International Symposium on Hispanic Poetry

    "¿Adónde el paraíso, / sombra, tú que has estado?": Representations of paradise in medieval, modern and contemporary Hispanic poetry

    Since the book of Genesis, the themes of expulsion from the Garden of Eden, the loss of innocence, and the search for a lost paradise --in a religious or a...