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  1. Microsoft Roundup 2021

    Microsoft Roundup 2021

    Over the past year we've seen a number of significant improvements to Microsoft 365, enabling changes in the way we work, teach and communicate. Join us...

  2. TheoArtistry: Art as Revelation

    TheoArtistry: Art as Revelation

    A collaborative exhibition investigating the cognitive implications of text-inclusive artworks

    TheoArtistry is about a meeting of the ways: between theology and the arts, between theory and practice, and -- in the latest TheoArtistry scheme --...

  3. From Zoonotics to Anthroponotics

    From Zoonotics to Anthroponotics

    The Past and Present of Disease Transmission between Animals and Humans - Free

    This online symposium organised by The Global War Against the Rat and the Epistemic Emergence of Zoonosis project in collaboration with Monica H. Green is...

  4. Land Management in Scotland -- From Urban Deer to Wind Energy

    Land Management in Scotland -- From Urban Deer to Wind Energy

    STACEES Research Seminar - Showcasing PhD Projects by Abi Whitefield and Jessica Hogan (School of Geography and Sustainable Development, St Andrews)

    'Putting Community Back into Community Energy: Does Ownership Affect Support and Perceived Justice for Wind Energy in Scotland?' by Jessica Hogan...