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  1. Grief Group

    Grief Group

    Staff lunch

    This group is open to all staff who are grieving, whether your loss is recent or in the past. It offers an opportunity to find common ground with others if you are feeling isolated and alone and is a safe place to discuss and share various aspects of grief. Drinks and light lunch provided,...

  2. Peppy: Living Mindfully: A Beginners Guide

    Peppy: Living Mindfully: A Beginners Guide

    Would you like to be more present in your day to day life? If so, mindfulness could be for you! - Free

    Dive into the transformative practice of mindfulness with Jamie Jeffreys, our expert Healthy Minds practitioner. In this enriching session, you'll uncover practical techniques to cultivate mindfulness and enhance your everyday experiences. Learn ways to become more mindful and present in the here and now. Staying private If you'd like to join our events whilst...

  3. Peppy: Egg Freezing -- All you need to know

    Peppy: Egg Freezing -- All you need to know

    Are you considering egg freezing and want to know more about what it entails? - Free

    Following up from the egg freezing event held in March, we are running this event again with more time available for Q&A, the event will also include links to educational materials for additional support post-event. Discover all you need to know about egg freezing and what to expect as you navigate through all aspects...