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  1. All About Energy Podcast

    All About Energy Podcast

    Harry Watkins: Building a Landscape

    Host James is joined by Dr Lydia Cole (St andrews) as the two discuss a recent report on behavioral changes that can fight Climate Change and some news about...

  2. Byre World: Around Distant Suns

    Byre World: Around Distant Suns


    Join Emily Finer (Department of Russian) in conversation with Emma Puranen, St Leonards interdisciplinary PhD student in Modern Languages, Biology and...

  3. Stars and Spectra

    Stars and Spectra

    A family-friendly concert by a brass band consisting of The Wallace Collection, members of the National Youth Brass Band of Scotland (NYBBS) and members of...

  4. Palestine and Decolonial Movements

    Palestine and Decolonial Movements

    Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies Presents

    The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies and The Institute of Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus Studies welcome Mariam Barghouti is a writer and...

  5. MECACS Seminar Series

    MECACS Seminar Series

    Foreign Policy Choice and the Cognitive Roots of Democratic Constraint: The Case of Indian Foreign Policy in the Gulf

    In democracies where leaders are elected by universal suffrage, leaders' foreign policy choices should in principle correspond to, or at least be...

  6. In Conversation with Nguyễn Trinh Thí

    In Conversation with Nguyễn Trinh Thí

    World Premiere of How to Improve the World (Nguyễn Trinh Thí, 2021)

    The Centre for Screen Cultures is partnering with Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival, the UK's Festival for New Cinema and Artists' Moving Image,...