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The performative actualisation of memory and trauma in modern Ukrainian culture Prof Maksym Karpovets & Dr Oksana Pukhonska (National University of Ostroh Academy)

As part of the UK-Ukraine Twinning Initiative, the National University of Ostroh Academy and the University of St Andrews have partnered to share support, resources, and ideas. A Memorandum of Understanding marking this new partnership was signed in November 2022.

The Cultural Identity and Memory Studies Institute (CIMS) and the Centre for Russian, Soviet, Central, and Eastern European Studies (CRSCEES) invite all staff and students to join them for an online talk to be delivered by Professor Maksym Karpovets and Dr Oksana Pukhonska from the National University of Ostroh Academy, Ukraine.

In ‘The performative actualization of memory and trauma in modern Ukrainian culture', Professor Karpovets and Dr Pukhonska raise important and up-to-date issues of the Ukrainian present, exploring them through the concepts of performative theory, trauma, and memory studies. The main emphases of the talk will be focused on the Revolution of Dignity (Maidan) and the Russian-Ukrainian war in texts and cultural practices (in particular, literary texts and films) that performatively actualise the traumatic experience of modern Ukrainian society.

The authors believe that performativity involves public actualisation, explicit attention to these texts and practices, which ‘work' as a kind of therapy for Ukrainian society, reinforcing to review its values and experience even in times of war.

The event is free and open to everyone.

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