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The Death and Reinvention of Scotland within the Union State A Lecture with Sir Tom Devine - Free

Health guidelines for this event

  • Face masks required
  • Event area sanitised before event

Join St Andrews Students for Independence (STAUSFI) and Professor Emeritus Sit Tom Devine, Scotland's most exemplary historian in recent history, who will present a St Andrew's Day Guest Lecture on the history of Scottish identity within the British State.

The lecture will be delivered in dual format, available to watch both online and in School VI.

A century after the Union of 1707 some leading Scottish intellectuals feared the complete assimilation of Scotland to England and the abasement of their ancient nation to the status of a mere regional appendage within the British state as ‘North Britain'. Part one of this lecture will attempt to provide the reasons for these anxieties and then explain why the fear of the ‘Death' of Scotland proved illusory.

Part two will consider the process of ‘Reinvention' with the emergence of the hybrid Scottish identity and the related symbols of Scottishness and Britishness in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Part three moves to the present day with a concluding summary of the forces which threaten to shatter the time-honoured dual identity within Scottish society.

This event will be informative and thought provoking for anyone with an interest in Scottish and British history regardless of political affiliation. This event is free and open to all.

STAUSFI will circulate the online link closer to the time.

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