Past event

StAIGS Feminist Film Series S2: Adoption (Hungarian: Örökbefogadřs)

The mission of the StAIGS Feminist Film Series is to de-canonise and decolonise film and cinema content outreach whilst spotlighting female, POC and LGBTQIA filmmakers. The series aims to provide a space to view the work of overlooked creatives and hold critical discussions on issues related to gender and beyond.

Film: Adoption (Hungarian: Örökbefogadřs)
Director: Mřrta Mészřros
Hungary | 1975 | 89 minutes | Hungarian
Hosted by: Professor Dina Iordanova, Department of Film Studies

Adoption is a 1975 Hungarian drama film directed by Mřrta Mészřros. It tells the story of Kata, an unmarried female factory worker, who becomes interested in neglected children and tries to adopt one.