Past event

 Creating an ECR network for knowledge exchange and capacity building in the public humanities

Bell Pettigrew Museum

Funded by The British Academy

Public engagement, impact, and knowledge exchange are concepts that today rank highly on research agendas across the UK. Yet, the discussion of what constitutes engagement, the politics and practicalities of building collaborations with non-academic partners, and the ethics of conducting such work are still at their very earliest stages. This workshop brings together Early Career Researchers in Slavic Studies to discuss the kinds of engagement work currently ongoing in the field and to reflect in a sustained way on the ideologies, ideals, and ambitions that inform work with public audiences. Bringing together academics, artists, and activists from Canada, the UK, Ukraine, the US, and Russia, the workshop will explore impact across borders, politics, and cultures. The event will take the form of roundtables, group discussion, creative interventions, and peer-to-peer mentoring sessions. For more information contact Victoria Donovan: vsd2@st-; or Darya Tsymbalyuk: [email protected].

Workshop participants: Maria Brock; Victoria Donovan; Precious Chatterje-Doody; Sofiya Gavrilova; Sarah Jackson; Maria Korolkova; Mikhail Melnichenko; Yevheniia Moliar; Viktoria Naumenko; Svitlana Osipchuk; Galina Oustinova-Stjepanovic; Isobel Palmer; Cayenna Ponchione- Bailey; Clemens Poole; Jamie Rann; Kirill Repin; Darya Tsymbalyuk; Anton Valkovsky; Maria Voronchuk; Jessica Zychowicz.