Past event

Seagrass Restoration in Scotland: Challenges and Opportunities? MASTS webinar with Richard Lilley (Project Seagrass) - free

Seagrass meadows are one of the most productive ecosystems on Earth. Our domestic seagrasses (often referred to as eelgrass in Scotland) are a group of flowering plants adapted to life in the sea. Seagrass meadows in the UK provide a home to around 50 species of fish and they have particular importance as a nursery ground for juvenile cod, pollack, whiting and plaice, as well as herring and sea bass. Despite their high importance recent estimates indicate that the long-term loss of these habitats extends from between 44 and 92% in the UK. The reasons for this are complex and range from problems caused by poor water quality, to impacts from boating and land reclamation. As we enter the UN Decade On Ecosystem Restoration, what are the challenges and opportunities that exist for large scale restoration of these marine habitats in Scotland?