Cancelled Past event

School Research Seminar Series -- New Perspectives on the Value of the Humanities

Professor Janice Carruthers (Queens University Belfast) Professor of French Linguistics and AHRC Leadership Fellow in Modern Languages

Professor Poul Holm (Trinity College Dublin) Professor of Environmental History, founding director of the Trinity Long Room Hub

Dr Erica Wickerson (University of Cambridge) Research Fellow at St John's College Cambridge and British Academy Rising Star

Dr Andrew Cusack (St Andrews)

This seminar aims not to preach to the converted by offering a straightforward reaffirmation of the value of the humanities, but to ask what that value consists in, to problematize and question it, and ask how it may be communicated. Each of the three contributing speakers has developed a particular perspective on these questions and each has garnered experience in communicating the worth of the humanities to a range of audiences, whether as AHRC Leadership Fellow, by promoting the value of languages (foreign, community and indigenous) across a range of sectors, including a strong policy dimension (Carruthers), or by establishing a humanities hub for a university in a metropolitan setting and fostering dialogue between the humanities and neighbouring disciplines (Holm), or by facilitating discussions on the value of the humanities and the possibilities for enhancing public engagement with early career researchers (Wickerson).