Past event

School of Chemistry Colloquia: Dr Andryj Borys Anionic Nickelates: Catalytic Cross-Coupling to Cluster Chemistry

Title: Anionic Nickelates: Catalytic Cross-Coupling to Cluster Chemistry

Organonickel chemistry has a long and rich history, with many accidental and serendipitous discoveries evolving into well-established industrial applications.1 In particular, the chemistry of low-valent Nickel spawned during investigations into the so-called “Nickel effect”,2 which represents the starting point for the development of Ziegler catalysts. Ni0-olefin complexes, such as Ni(COD)2, that were reported during this time have continued to find widespread use in synthetic organometallic chemistry and homogenous catalysis, whilst the anionic nickelate derivatives that were also investigated during these early studies have remained largely unexplored.
This presentation will provide spectroscopic and structural insights into the role and identity of these anionic nickelates in the nickel-catalysed cross-coupling of aryl ethers, providing direct experimental evidence for an alternative mechanism.3 Furthermore, related polynuclear alkali-metal nickelate clusters exhibiting unique structures and bonding will also be showcased.4

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