Past event

Professor Mark Johnston: Why Did the One Not Remain Within Itself? (Gifford Lecture 3)

The Gifford Lectures 2019 (September and October) present Professor Mark Johnston, Henry Putnam University Professor of Philosophy at Princeton University and author of Saving God: Religion after Idolatry (2009, 2nd Ed. 2015); Surviving Death (2010, 2nd Ed. 2013); Human Beings (2019); and The Obscure Object of Hallucination (2019).

Professor Mark Johnston will give five Gifford Lectures during September and October:
17 September, Lecture 1: Why Reject Reductive Naturalism?
19 September, Lecture 2: Is Hope for Another Life Rational?
24 September, Lecture 3: Why Did the One Not Remain Within Itself?
26 September, Lecture 4: “Ameliorism”: Is Reality Unimprovable?
1 October, Lecture 5: How Did Evil Come Into the World?

Venue: Lecture 1 will be in Parliament Hall; all other lectures will be in the Senate Room