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New norms for a new normal? How Behavioural Science can help us through the pandemic. Saints Talk

Join the Development team for the next installment of the ‘Saints Talk' Lecture Series.

Until we get a vaccine - and even when we do - the main tools we have for dealing with Covid-19 centrally involve changing people's behaviour: getting people to keep their distance from others, to observe hygiene guidelines, to wear masks, to get tested and self-isolate if required. So how do we harness our understanding of human behaviour to help get us out of this pandemic?

Professor Stephen Reicher

Stephen Reicher is a Professor of Psychology and is currently part of the advisory groups on Covid-19 to the UK and Scottish Governments, as well as being a member of SAGE. He will be talking about the role of behavioural science in the current crisis, drawing on insights from psychological theory and from his practical experience.

Amongst the various topics Stephen will address are: Do people panic in a crisis? What makes people adhere to or resist Covid-19 restrictions? What is the role of leadership in the pandemic response? Does a pandemic bring us together or sharpen social divisions? What is the psychological impact of lockdown?

These, and other topics besides, are all covered in a book, Together Apart: The Psychology of Covid-19, which Stephen has just completed and which is available as a free download from Social Science Space.

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