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Migrations of Gender Lecture by Professor V Eudine Barriteau Meditations on Mobility and Movement from the Commonwealth Caribbean

Professor Violet Eudine Barriteau is a Grenadian born Caribbean feminist, scholar and activist with a distinguished record in research, executive administration and educational leadership. She is Professor Emerita of Gender and Public Policy and the immediate past Principal and Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Cave Hill Campus of The University of the West Indies, a position she held for six years.

Professor Barriteau will discuss a multi-layered feminist analysis of the intertwining of migration and gender in the Commonwealth Caribbean, revealing that embedded within the Caribbean imaginary is the functioning of this region simultaneously as a heavily trafficked, global way station and a diasporic, desired destination and dissecting the nexus of gender and migration to expose how the concept of the social relations of gender has itself migrated and travelled through historical and contemporary migration studies.

These narratives themselves become gendered, and for significant periods in the repeating, anthropological, sociological and political-economic surveys, gender is mistakenly perceived as disappearing and emerging, relevant and irrelevant in understanding the mass movements of women and men into, out of and across this space we know geographically as the Caribbean. This mapping of the conceptual terrain of the migrations of gender demonstrates that relations of gender acquire new manifestations in different phases of Caribbean migration, yet these do not obscure the old, enduring hierarchies of inequalities of power that are mapped onto the politicised, sexualised, bodies of beings we know as “women” and “men”.

Professor Barriteau will argue that the concept of gender is as nomadic as the women and men whose lives are shaped by unequal gender relations. It wanders from the continents of Africa, Asia and Europe to permutate and perpetuate inequalities of gender in the forever repeating Caribbean diasporas.

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